Import / Export

Export And Marketing

The company export tropical fish and coldwater fish mostly to Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Europe, U.S.A. and others country. It concerns only Live tropical fish and coldwater fish of Malaysia Origin.

The transport is ensure by lorry arrange for transport of Live Ornamental fish or by plane, usually by Malaysia Airlines and most others Carriers. The first step is to send the complete offer including the price list to customer and then send back the order for chosen item.

The company do has formed the system of breeders regularly delivering required item of live tropical fish. The stuff of Live tropical fish are purchased from these breeders just before the delivery to abroad. The export policy prefers to find some strong business partner in every country to be possible regular co-operation. It is necessary to deal with particular customers individually, because every country has it different markets conditions and its trade as per our experience.

The export co-operate with business partners especially from Taiwan, Australia, U.S.A., Brunei, Kuwait, U.K. and etc. At present, we are exporting some 200 to 300 varieties of fishes, this are depend on it availability of stocks and the requirement of abroad.


Import - Wholesale

It is the second, activity, actually with bigger volume. It consist in import and distribution of various type of ornamental fish for pet/aquarium shop and breeder/fish farmer. The effort of the company is to offer the widest assortment of Live tropical fish for the breeder and farmer to grow and do for hobbies. Company does business with almost 25% of the approximately 500 contemporary Aquarium Shops in Malaysia. Customers can see and choose the right item of fishes at our Fish premises.