Aquarium Fish Packing for Air Shipping



All fishes are packed in plastic bag/poly bag and placed in expanded polystylene-foam box and follow with corrugated cartoon box.

Measurement of box : 50 x 38 x 38cm, weight at Volume metric as 12.0 kgm each (Box A)
: 60 x  45 x 32cm, weight at Volume metric as 14.5 kgm each (Box B)
Our packing weight are around the volume metric weight of cartoon and will never exceed the weight of the volume metric weight of the cartoon or overall of the shipment cartoon weight.
Packing cartoon inner and outer are costumed made and adequate and it comply with specific requirement of the IATA and Oriental Air Carrier Regulation.
Packing cartoon are printed with description of Live fish, handling information, This "Way Up" SIGN where meet the requirement of IATA and the Oriental Carriers regulations.
Packing quantity quoted at our price list are safe for 30 hours from time of packing and subject to change as depend on destination and transit time.
Our packing are different with other shipper does, where we only pack for maximum 4 bags to a cartoon unless it is individual packed item.
Our Packing Charges per cartoon are at RM15.00 and there will be an extra if there is individual pack of fishes involved.
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