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San Sui Trading Tropical Fish Importer & Exporter is a sole-proprietor company fully own by Mr. Chen Woon San was founded in 1977 (before in the early sixties, known as Ah Choon Tropical Fish Farm follow by San Sui Trading Tropical Fish Farm, where mainly in fish farming industries).

Since the foundation of San Sui Trading Tropical Fish Importer & Exporter started it distribution, with it expertise and experience, San Sui is one of the biggest wholesale and Tropical Fish Export companies in Malaysia. The company are specialist in breeding, consolidating, fish farming and exporting best quality live tropical fish and coldwater fish.

In 1990, the company structure had changed: there were established and extending the capacity of stocks and a base of 200,000 square feet build with facility for the Tropical fish or Ornamental fish export, its had some 800 unit of glass tanks, 50 unit of fiberglass tanks and 150 unit of concrete pool size of 225 square feet each. All these are for stocking or holding fishes for export.

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Breeding & Farming

San Sui Trading Tropical Fish Importer & Exporter is one of the pioneer in this field and is the first who cultivate tropical fish in fish pool (Mud Pool) since 1960. With it experience many Ipoh and Johore fish farm had get information from us.